Online Financial Calculator

financial calculator onlineUsing an Online Financial Calculator can get you results straight away with your financial planning. It always helps to plan your finances where loans are concerned, so you know what amount you will need to repay on your loan. When in need of a loan you obviously would want to know what your repayment and interest rate would be charged for the amount you are to borrow. Once you have all this information calculating the EMI on an online loan calculator would be easy. At Nemo Personal Finance this facility is provided free of charge on the website and you can fill in the details of the loan you have availed for and get the information you want. Some of the benefits of using an online financial calculator are as follows.

Get Complete Statistics

When you need to know the statistics of your loan you need not visit a customer care executive or someone in the lending company. All you need to do is use the online loan calculator and find out the details. All you would need is the loan amount you have borrowed, the interest rate and the term of the loan. Once you feed in these details in the online calculator, within a short time span you would get the complete details of your loan account and detailed statistics.

Online Financial Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate Monthly Instalments

With the online financial calculator you can find out what your monthly instalment would be. Again the three vital statistics need to be fed in the calculator and it would give you how much you have to pay monthly. This is a very handy tool and can be used free of cost on our website.

Compare prices

With an online financial calculator you can use it to compare the instalments you would be paying to various companies offering loans. This means that you can find out which company will be giving you the least interest rate and calculate the instalment with multiple companies. Compare the price you would be incurring and choose the loan lender which charges the least.